You need to call for plumbing repair when…

You need to call for plumbing repair when…

A good Toronto plumbing professional knows all about the different issues you can have because they have the training to spot different problems. As a homeowner, you should learn to do your part as well and know when the drain, sewers, or any other part of the system needs expert attention. That said, you need to call your local plumber when:

  • The water drains slowly and there are strange smells coming from the sinks. This could very well have something to do with the pipes under your home that remove waste. Tree roots have a way of growing through these after a number of years. The only way to know for sure is to get a video inspection done.
  • Your water flow is insufficient. You might need larger diameter pipes and the most modern technology can do that for you with trenchless technology whereby your yard doesn’t need to be dug up.

The plumbing in your home needs to be up to code too. Beyond that, if your home is older there could even be lead present. Water hammer problems will persist if you don’t keep things up with these pipes. You need to call on the local plumbing trades when dealing with all of these issues.

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