Toronto Water Services: Have You Been Exposed to Lead Poisoning Without Your Knowledge?

Toronto Water Services: Have You Been Exposed to Lead Poisoning Without Your Knowledge?

Plumbing systems are composed of detached water sub-systems that include the drainage system and water system. Toronto water services are available to residents who need installation or upgrading of water connections that are in their homes.

Lead Piping

The system of pipes that comes to your property from the water main was commonly if not all, made from lead. City owned pipes run from water mains to the pipe connected to the owner’s property. Lead pipes were used in drainage pipes, water closet connections, shower stall safes, flashings for stacks and water-service supply pipes until the late 1920’s. Since many of these connections have not been replaced, some are still in existence and lead up to your tap. The water at treatment plants that flows to your supply system may be well treated and lead-free but as it flows through the system, it picks up some lead along the way.

City of Toronto Lead Pipe Removal

In 2011, the city of Toronto embarked on replacing lead water-service lines in their systems, which approximated 1,500 lines. The priority replacement was for property owners who had replaced the lead pipes in their portion or were to replace the pipes when the city was doing it. The property owner has to notify the city of their intention for an upgrade of lead pipes and fill in an application form. Hence, the intention to remove and change the Toronto water-service supply pipes needs to be given.

Upgrading Toronto Water Services

However, there have been tips shared to reduce the risk of lead poisoning over the years; an upgrade of lead pipes is still the best option. Some precautions previously advised included:

  • Installing water filters to remove the lead
  • Do not use hot tap water for preparing baby formulas or cooking because it leaches lead from the pipes.
  • Allowing water from the tap to run for some time before use. This is because the highest lead content is found from the water that has been sitting in the pipe.

It is better to upgrade the systems and remove any lead pipes on your portion and replace them with copper pipes. Even the galvanized steel water pipes that were used in yesteryear portend health risks. The galvanized steel water pipes can rust and the buildup of corrosion and minerals cause blockages and the result is strange tasting water and low water pressure. Where they get decayed the galvanized steel water pipes may one day collapse and lead to flood damage to your property. So get a Toronto water services upgrade and replace those hazardous lead pipes and rusted galvanized steel pipes.


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