Toronto Drain Services to Unclog Blocked Drains

Toronto Drain Services to Unclog Blocked Drains

Unclogging blocked drains are a headache for most people. Trying to make the dirty dish water drain from your sink can be frustrating. Engage a Toronto drain services providers to clear blocked systems. A Toronto drain services specialist can be easily hired at a price that fits your pocket to clear clogged drain systems.

Turn off Water

The drain-cleaning expert will first turn off the water supply and use a container to scoop out as much water as possible from the tub or sink before beginning any work.

Remove Drain Stoppers

The plumber will then remove drain stoppers on sinks. For bathroom drains, the lift lever of the horizontal stopper will have to be unscrewed and the stopper lifted straight up. To ensure that dirty sink or tub water does not gush out and mess the entire area, it will be of use to make a bucket available to let all the water be put in the bucket.

Remove P-trap

The P-trap will have to be removed by loosening the couplings fastening it. All gunk and debris will be cleared so that anything clogging the sink is removed. The drain-cleaning expert will ensure that the tub or sink is well rinsed before replacing the P-trap. Ensure you have a bucket to catch the water.

Utilize Plumber’s Snake

The plumber can employ a plumber’s snake, which is a tool that is used to clear blocked drains and push through clogged pipes. The plumbing snake will be inserted into the drain until any blockage is felt and then will be pushed through. Pushing and pulling actions of the plumbing snake should continue until any blockages felt are completely cleared.

The sink stoppers and P-trap will have to be re-screwed onto the drain and sink and stopper levers returned into the tailpiece.

Drain cleaning can use enzyme-based cleaning solutions, foaming cleaners or chemical drain cleaners to effectively clear the clogged drain and eliminate any gunk stuck to the pipe walls. Enzyme based cleaners are best used on septic tanks. A professional Toronto drain services specialist and plumber will ensure that the drain cleaner (in particular chemical based) that he uses to effectively clear gunk from your drain is suitable for your pipes and entire drainage system. This is because some chemical drain cleaning solutions are so strong that they can eat away at your plastic pipes as they perform their work. Engage a drain torontoservices specialist to ensure that the drains in your home are working and smoothly flowing at all times and truly gunk free.


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