Top Toronto Plumbing Myths and How They Cost You Cash – Part 2

This is the second part of common plumbing myths that are wrong or are oversimplified. I am sure you have run the disposal with water and ended up using your hand to remove some waste that was blocking the drains. If you did not read the myths in plumbing home practices in part one, you should and avoid spending money on avoidable problems.


Myth #5: The Water Pressure Regulators Can Always Be Relied Upon

Though they give information on the water pressure, these regulators aren’t always dependable.

The Better Option:

You should check the water pressure yourself. If it’s too high, you are most likely to experience leaks and floods, and your toilet will make some awful noises as it runs trying to release the high pressure water.

Myth #6: For Sparkly Bathroom Fixtures use Soap and Water

Leaving some soapy water after washing ones hands is not a big deal. Wrong. These cause the faucets to corrode, bubble and peel.

The Better Option:

Always wipe fixtures after use. Corrosion will be avoided.

Myth #7: Dummies Need Users Manuals

User manuals are not just labeled pictures with parts listed. They contain useful information though not exactly entertaining material.

The Better Option:

The smart option is to read the user manual always. Not just once, but twice. Know proper usage guidelines that will increase a product’s lifespan, and know about the warranties.

Myth #8: Fixtures Need no Maintenance

Ignoring the cold steel fixtures will be detrimental to overall performance.

If water heaters (electric) sit unused they could create hydrogen gas that’s highly explosive.

The Better Option:

Use fixtures periodically, not letting them be unused for too long. You could simply turn the fixtures on to ensure that no harmful matter is left anywhere in your home.

Myth #9: Every Plumber is a Professional and Knows it All

A plumber title does not a good plumber make. Poor services done in your home will cost you more money in the future with further repairs needed with different professionals. More education in the field is available to all professionals in the business.

The Better Option:

Certificates, training, licenses should be ascertained before hiring a plumbing expert. Hiring professionals to do jobs should be a priority for homeowners. They could do this by using references from family, friends or trusted Internet sources such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), among others. The credibility of Drain Toronto plumbing companies should be clarified to eliminate the risk of poor service and costly bills in the future.



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