Top Toronto Plumbing Myths and How They Cost You Cash – Part 1

We have carried on with these home plumbing practices that are just myths and we’ve always thought they work… After all, our mothers did it, their mothers did it, and their mothers before that… but some have been oversimplified and some are just wrong. Is freshening up your drains with lemon such a good idea? What of running water in the garbage disposal? Read on in this first installment and find out about these plumbers myths that actually cost money.

Myth #1: Lemons in Garbage Disposal So That It Can Smell Fresh

When life does give you lemons, please do not put them in your disposal! The fresh aroma is only a brief reprieve, but citric acid in them will corrode the inside metal of the disposal. So what to do?

The Better Option:

Using ice to clean the inside of your disposal is the way to go. It may be noisy, but it’s the better option. You can also power wash scum on the inside that causes odors.

Myth #2: Cleaners for Tanks Will Keep Toilets Sparkling

You should cut this cost of “in tank” cleaners. They do not really remove the build-up and your toilets will be ruined eventually.

The Better Option:

Vinegar poured down the toilets overflow tube will rid it of the smelly build-up. Easy and cheap.

Myth #3: When Using Your Garbage Disposal Run Some Water for the Waste to Travel Smoothly

We have probably all done this, and without a doubt you had to reach down and unblock the jammed leftovers in pipes right? The water does not help where there was already a blockage.

The Better Option:

Fill water to waste ratio of 4:1 in your sink basin. This allows waste to be separated and the flow down your drain will be easy.

Myth #4: If the Stuff Goes into the Drain Then All is Well

Even if not seen, food like rice and pasta bloats pipes and may block the passage of other waste because of clogs. Waste will slowly build up in your pipes and the drains become inefficient if water is insufficient.

The Better Option:

To prevent clogging and blockage, fill sink basins with proper amounts of water before you drain it. Hair screens for shower drains are advisable as any hairballs are strained and do not go through to the pipes.

Read the next piece for our part two and learn the plumbers home myths and what you could do to substitute these harmful practices. Plumbing that makes a difference.

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