The Toronto plumber found her mother’s wedding ring

The Toronto plumber found her mother’s wedding ring

We all know the great things that Toronto plumbers can do for you when it comes to repairing things that have gone wrong with your water services. They can even help you with a remodeling job when you need the full package that includes the pipes behind the walls. However, here’s another great story about the little things that these experts do to really change people’s lives.

It seems that a plumber had been called in to look after one drain at a home in Etobicoke where the daughter had taken over the house to look after her older mother. The water in the drain wouldn’t flush away properly, and the plumber on the scene wanted to be sure there was nothing wrong with the inside plumbing before he started to look at the sewers.

While he was working under the sink and taking apart the trap to have a look, the daughter told the story of how her mother had lost her wedding ring down the sink years before and never really gotten over it. That’s when the Toronto plumber opened the trap and noticed there was something round caught up in the elbow with accumulated debris holding to it that clogged the drain. When he pulled the blockage free, there was the wedding ring.

That’s what these experts do when they have a chance—they like to do the little extras that make a difference in the lives of their clients. Remember that when you’re looking at hiring one of these professionals, there are several things that you need to look for above and beyond the ability to find long lost jewelry. You need to hire a company that understands all of the latest innovations and what they can do for you like:


  • Video inspections. There might be something even further down the drain than your mother’s wedding ring and the only way to get a good look is with video inspection. Often there’s a blockage that has nothing to do with the pipes in the house. Tree roots grow right through the lines looking for moisture and that situation can wind up as clogged drains in your home.
  • Hydro jetting. Sometimes keeping those lines clean with hydro jetting is a good maintenance idea so debris doesn’t back up.

Taking advantage of what your Toronto plumbers can do for you is about looking to the big and smaller issues. Sometimes they can even help resolve an older problem like this case of the long lost wedding ring.









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