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Toronto Water Services: Have You Been Exposed to Lead Poisoning Without Your Knowledge?


Plumbing systems are composed of detached water sub-systems that include the drainage system and water system. Toronto water services are available to residents who need installation or upgrading of water connections that are in their homes. Lead Piping The system of pipes that comes to your property from the water main was commonly if not all, made from lead. City ... Read More »

All about your sewers and maintenance


Efficient Toronto plumbing is a whole system. There are the things that you can see like the faucets and drains and then there are the things that you can’t like the sewers. Every homeowner should have at least an overview of how all the elements fit together and knowing something about keeping your sewers up is important. Like every other ... Read More »

You need to call for plumbing repair when…


good Toronto plumbing professional knows all about the different issues you can have because they have the training to spot different problems. As a homeowner, you should learn to do your part as well and know when the drain, sewers, or any other part of the system needs expert attention. That said, you need to call your local plumber when: ... Read More »

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