Some DYI tips for toilet maintenance

There’s a lot to know as a homeowner when you want to keep your plumbing in top notch working order. Although most homeowners don’t have a need to get involved with the drain or sewers that run under their homes, it’s a good idea to understand what you can and learn a little about the fixtures inside generally and toilet maintenance specifically.

Remember that a common cause for a running toilet is a defective seal between the stopper and the valve seat. You’ll  get a good idea if this is the problem by removing the lid and flushing the toilet. The stopper  should fall straight down. If it doesn’t you can scour the valve seat with a fine steel wool pad to get rid of any mineral buildup there.

Remember that if you need to replace any parts to shut the water off before starting the work. There should be a sut off located on the supply line leading to the toilet or, if you don’t have one there, you’ll need to shut of the main water supply in the basement. Always wear the right protective equipment like gloves and glasses when you’re working on any plumbing in your home for more info visit these great toronto plumbers.

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