Plenty of Toilet Gods in Ancient Rome

Toilet god, sewer goddess, and the god of dung, are the variety of gods that ancient Rome had. Their sewer goddess was named Cloacina, whose origin was Latin’s cloaca, which is sewer. Titus Tatius a Roman ruler, made a shrine in his toilet for her. The goddess would be invoked if the sewers were backed up or blocked. The god ... Read More »

Fixing you water services? Don’t forget a leaky toilet tank


Once you start looking at all the different opportunities when it comes to fixing your own plumbing, you’ll see that lots of these repairs have to do with appliances in the kitchen and washroom. Following are a few simple and easy to follow instructions when you’ve got a leaky toilet tank. Start by shutting off the water at either the ... Read More »

Holiday Jam-Ups


The holidays are an especially festive time when family and friends get together. Whether or not they have seen each other all year, the holidays are the time when everyone gathers around and enjoys each other’s company. Part of the joy of the holidays is all the special dishes that are not normally made during the rest of the year, ... Read More »

Toronto Water Services: Have You Been Exposed to Lead Poisoning Without Your Knowledge?


Plumbing systems are composed of detached water sub-systems that include the drainage system and water system. Toronto water services are available to residents who need installation or upgrading of water connections that are in their homes. Lead Piping The system of pipes that comes to your property from the water main was commonly if not all, made from lead. City ... Read More »

Here’s what makes for a great plumbing review


So you’re looking for a Toronto plumbing expert, but you’re not really sure where to start. There’s no need to worry. You need to understand that you’re making the right decision and picking out an experienced plumber before something goes wrong is the best way to protect your water services. To help you out, here’s a quick rundown of the ... Read More »

The Toronto plumber found her mother’s wedding ring


We all know the great things that Toronto plumbers can do for you when it comes to repairing things that have gone wrong with your water services. They can even help you with a remodeling job when you need the full package that includes the pipes behind the walls. However, here’s another great story about the little things that these ... Read More »

Toronto Drain Services to Unclog Blocked Drains


Unclogging blocked drains are a headache for most people. Trying to make the dirty dish water drain from your sink can be frustrating. Engage a Toronto drain services providers to clear blocked systems. A Toronto drain services specialist can be easily hired at a price that fits your pocket to clear clogged drain systems. Turn off Water The drain-cleaning expert ... Read More »

Some DYI tips for toilet maintenance

There’s a lot to know as a homeowner when you want to keep your plumbing in top notch working order. Although most homeowners don’t have a need to get involved with the drain or sewers that run under their homes, it’s a good idea to understand what you can and learn a little about the fixtures inside generally and toilet ... Read More »

Hydro jetting keeps those pipes clean


Some homeowners think that the drains and faucets they can see are the most important parts of their  plumbing system. While that’s partially true, it doesn’t tell the entire story of how your Toronto plumbing works. You need to consider the water services under your home that bring fresh water in and the sewers that take waste away. Maintenance is ... Read More »

All about your sewers and maintenance


Efficient Toronto plumbing is a whole system. There are the things that you can see like the faucets and drains and then there are the things that you can’t like the sewers. Every homeowner should have at least an overview of how all the elements fit together and knowing something about keeping your sewers up is important. Like every other ... Read More »

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