Looking for a whirlpool bathtub? You need to read this first

Looking for a whirlpool bathtub? You need to read this first

Once you get involved looking at the higher end available appliances, your search will inevitably lead you to bathroom renovations and perhaps even all that’s offered in the way of whirlpool bathtubs.

Take heed here before you envision yourself relaxing around those soothing pulses of warm water and get hooked into buying something that will let you down eventually. There are several steps to making sure you get the right unit when you’re looking at these water services.

First of all, you need to take a deep breath and measure the space you’ve allocated to this renovation. Remember that although these generally come in three sizes, most are designed to come with a deck that will take up more space than just the tub itself. Here you also need to keep in mind that some of the older homes in the GTA have older plumbing that might need to be modified.

Finally, there’s the weight consideration when you’re looking at buying and having one of these tubs installed. You might need to have the wood joists reinforced when you calculate for the extra weight unless the new unit is being placed on a slab.






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