Holiday Jam-Ups

Holiday Jam-Ups

The holidays are an especially festive time when family and friends get together. Whether or not they have seen each other all year, the holidays are the time when everyone gathers around and enjoys each other’s company.

Part of the joy of the holidays is all the special dishes that are not normally made during the rest of the year, at least not in such large quantities. Your kitchen sink and plumbing get a lot of abuse during this time of year. The holidays are a very busy time for piping specialists. Take some advice from plumber to keep your drains flowing free.

Turkeys, large roasts and hams, all have grease that often is poured down the drain. That is not the best place for it, although it may seem the most convenient. Save the mayonnaise jar from your famous potato salad and pour the fat and grease into the jar. Then you can simply throw it away without risking plugging up your sink.

Another culprit during the holidays is vegetable peelings. Peelings from carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery often end up in the kitchen sink and are pushed down the garbage disposal. Even though the garbage disposal chops the foodstuffs into smaller pieces, even smaller pieces can become stuck together and before you know it, your kitchen sink is clogged up.

This kind of clog can be avoided by keeping the peelings out of the sink. Simply peel your vegetables over a trash bin or into a bag to be put out with the trash or put it in your composter if you have one. Toronto plumberrecommend that you should never put celery down the garbage disposal; it is the equivalent of putting string down the sink.








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