Here’s why those trees in your yard can cost you money

There aren’t too many people that associate plumbing costs with the lovely maples they have in their yard, but drawing the connection helps you to see your water services extend well beyond what you can see in the house.

Consider this. A Toronto plumber was called in when a frustrated homeowner plunged and even used a snake on a toilet for a clog that wouldn’t budge. The experts found the issue right away and they still talk about the look on the client’s face when they said the problem with the toilet was the maple tree in their yard. To be exact, roots are always looking for moisture and with time can grow right through the sewer lines and cause these issues in the home.

It took a quick video inspection, some hydro jetting and the problem was solved. At least the toilet works again. On last report, the homeowner has never looked at that maple tree the same way again! It all just goes to show that any plumbing system is connected and making sure you do what you can as a homeowner is important. That means keeping contact information for a trusted professional on hand is a good plan.












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