Here’s some Toronto Plumber tips for caulking around toilets

Here’s some Toronto Plumber tips for caulking around toilets

It’s a good idea to get the bigger jobs done by a plumbing expert like any maintenance or repairs that have to do with your sewers or any particular drain in your home. On the other hand, getting a little free advice about things like whether to use caulking around the base of a toilet will allow the average homeowner to go ahead or skip over this project.

There are several advantages to using caulk around the base of a toilet and beyond the aesthetic qualities, using the right brand will preserve the seal and keep the joint free of dirt and bacteria.

Either regular home improvement or Toronto plumbers will carry a brand that you can use for this special job. Keep in mind, using caulking is especially good for toilets that are set on concrete floors since this material is never usually level and the caulk will prevent the bowl from rocking.

Caulking, however, is not usually recommended for wood or particle board floors since it will hide any leaks that occur and these floors generally buckle when any amount of water is introduced.

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