Here’s a prestart checklist for that new bathroom

Here’s a prestart checklist for that new bathroom

Starting any kind of job requires preparation and when you’re looking at putting together a new bathroom that includes the right Toronto plumbing, it’s a great idea to do a little preparation work so that everything runs smoothly.

A prestart checklist is the right first step. Here you need to put aside a day or more to remove the current wall coverings so that you can see all the old water services properly. Make sure to add another half day to mark where the new fixtures will go. Remember, there’s no way you can rush this job and expect to get the hookup to the drain and sewers right.

You’ll also need to be sure you’ve got the right tools. A hammer and pry bar are common for many plumbing jobs, but you’ll also need a hole saw to cut new openings and three different saws—the circular variety, the saber saw and the reciprocating saw.

You’ll need some of the same skills as your local plumbers in Toronto expert in that basic carpentry know-how and the ability to plan for plumbing runs is important. Remember too that any plumbing plans need to be approved by your local building department.

















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