Help! My Shower Is Freezing!

Help! My Shower Is Freezing!

Taking a shower is one of the most important times of the day. Not just because it gets you clean and sparkly, but because it’s the first thing in the morning, and a nice hot shower does wonders to wake up those sore and achy muscles, tired from the Toronto winters! But what happens when you go in for your amazing morning shower and find out that the pipes are dumping in cold water rather than piping hot? What’s going on with your shower? Here’s how to help get your nice warm morning showers back.

Cheap Fixes to Cold Showers:

While cold water that takes forever to warm up can signify a lot of different problems, it’s important to start at the beginning. Your shower may be cold from:

Having Low Water Pressure – if this is the case, and the water in your shower is trickling out and freezing, find the pressure regulator (should be near the valve that shuts off water to the house) and increase the pressure.

Clogged Shower Head – sometimes, the buildup of things in the water can clog the shower head. Easy fix – remove and clean, or replace your shower head.

Uninsulated Water Pipes – if this is the problem, insulate all the hot water pipes so you can, once again, enjoy your hot showers!


Less Cheap Fixes To Cold Showers:

If the hot water heater is located really far away from the bathtub, you may need to have a Toronto plumber come out and install a circulation pump with a flow monitor.

 Expensive Fixes To Cold Showers:

 Sometimes, our showers are cold because the water pipes in our home are clogged, which means that the pipes need to be replaced by a licensed plumber. This isn’t a do-it-yourself job. Call in the plumbers so you can enjoy your hot showers.

With these fixes, you’ll be enjoying a nice toasty shower again!

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