Fixing you water services? Don’t forget a leaky toilet tank

Fixing you water services? Don’t forget a leaky toilet tank

Once you start looking at all the different opportunities when it comes to fixing your own plumbing, you’ll see that lots of these repairs have to do with appliances in the kitchen and washroom.

Following are a few simple and easy to follow instructions when you’ve got a leaky toilet tank. Start by shutting off the water at either the fixture shut off value under the tank or the main water shut off that’s located in the basement of your home.

It’s quite often the spud washer that needs to be replaced, so you need to drain the tank completely and lay it down on its side to get to this part. Be careful when taking off the tank bolt nuts not to use the kind of excessive force that will crack the porcelain.

After you’ve put the new washer in place, take a few moments to clean around the holes in the tank where the screws will go back through. Getting to know these simple jobs will save you money in the long run when it comes to your water services. As well, it frees up your local plumbers in toronto expert for the bigger jobs like complete bathroom and kitchen renovations.

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