A Toronto Plumbing Professional Offers Some Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Sometimes winter’s bitterly cold temperatures can mean frozen pipes, particularly those located on an outside wall or pipes that are poorly insulated. Generally, freezing occurs when cold air travels through the pipe causing the water inside to solidify and, in temperatures below 15 degrees C, this can happen very quickly. A Plumbing professional can offer some tips to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

  • It’s important to keep water in the pipes moving in cold weather so you should leave kitchen and bathroom taps open, allowing water to drip slightly through the faucets.
  • Free up the area around pipes located under a sink on an outside wall to allow warm air to circulate. Even when pipes are located behind drywall, opening all the doors will allow heat to move more evenly throughout the house and keep these pipes warm.
  • Foam tube insulation made to fit around accessible pipes and available in most hardware stores is an excellent preventative measure.
  • Make sure to leave the heat on in your house on colder days and consider using a portable heater to warm areas that are more likely to freeze like an unheated attic, basement or crawl space.

A professional plumbing toronto company can answer any questions you have when it comes to preparing your pipes for winter and dealing with any other issues related to your water services.

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