Plumbers, College, and Drain Cleaning Toronto

To be a decent plumber for drain cleaning Toronto or any other plumbing company,the skill set an individual needs does not usually contain a college degree. Plumbing, being a trade and a blue-collar job, can be done without having to spend four unpaid, jobless years spending up to $60,000 in tuition and living expenses at a college. Toronto is a ... Read More »

Here’s why those trees in your yard can cost you money

There aren’t too many people that associate plumbing costs with the lovely maples they have in their yard, but drawing the connection helps you to see your water services extend well beyond what you can see in the house. Consider this. A Toronto plumber was called in when a frustrated homeowner plunged and even used a snake on a toilet ... Read More »

When your sewers need work, call plumbing professionals

Ask anyone  who owns a home and they’ll tell you that while there are some plumbing jobs that can be done by the average Do-It-Yourselfer, there are others that need the expert touch so that everything goes well. Almost any kind of issue with your sewers is a great example. Say you’ve got a blocked drain that won’t come unclogged. ... Read More »

A Toronto Plumbing Professional Offers Some Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Sometimes winter’s bitterly cold temperatures can mean frozen pipes, particularly those located on an outside wall or pipes that are poorly insulated. Generally, freezing occurs when cold air travels through the pipe causing the water inside to solidify and, in temperatures below 15 degrees C, this can happen very quickly. A Plumbing professional can offer some tips to help prevent ... Read More »

Top Toronto Plumbing Myths and How They Cost You Cash – Part 1

We have carried on with these home plumbing practices that are just myths and we’ve always thought they work… After all, our mothers did it, their mothers did it, and their mothers before that… but some have been oversimplified and some are just wrong. Is freshening up your drains with lemon such a good idea? What of running water in ... Read More »

Just Hire A Plumber, Already

I’m not the first to admit that I loathe calling the plumber – not only because it shows that I cannot actually fix a simple problem in my home, but because it can cost me a fortune. But that’s a bad habit and I know it – preventative maintenance is always a better solution than being stubborn. It’s best never ... Read More »

Help! My Shower Is Freezing!


Taking a shower is one of the most important times of the day. Not just because it gets you clean and sparkly, but because it’s the first thing in the morning, and a nice hot shower does wonders to wake up those sore and achy muscles, tired from the Toronto winters! But what happens when you go in for your ... Read More »

Looking for a whirlpool bathtub? You need to read this first


Once you get involved looking at the higher end available appliances, your search will inevitably lead you to bathroom renovations and perhaps even all that’s offered in the way of whirlpool bathtubs. Take heed here before you envision yourself relaxing around those soothing pulses of warm water and get hooked into buying something that will let you down eventually. There ... Read More »

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